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Barry Prezioso – ReRave Tattoo

April 19, 2014 No comments

It’s moments like these that remind us that we have the best players and supporters in the world.  This video was recently sent to us by Barry Prezioso in  New Jersey.  As many people know, Barry has been a big supporter of ReRave since day 1 and we are honored to have him play our game.  Thank you Barry for making us proud and permanently a part of your life!

Barry Prezioso - ReRave Tattoo

ReRave Plus now at The Break

April 4, 2014 No comments

ReRave Plus
Step Revolution
is now testing ReRave Plus a The Break arcade in Dunellen, New Jersey.  The new software has been completely redesigned from the ground up and includes several additions from the original.  We expect ReRave Plus to start shipping in May 2014.  Do you want to know more?  Be sure to contact us and inform your local amusement facility about ReRave Plus now!

Our newest features (premiering today) include:

1)  Random Song Selection
2)  Options Menu:
Including alternate visuals (skins) for the tap notes and ability to turn off announcer statements during gameplay.


ReRave iOS available Free

November 19, 2013 1 Comment

We’re celebrating our recent announcement of ReRave Plus by making ReRave iOS FREE to Apple iOS users for a limited time.  If you haven’t tried ReRave for iOS, now is the time!

ReRave Plus

November 19, 2013 3 Comments

Today we announce our next generation of ReRave, ReRave Plus.  We’ll be displaying displaying our new arcade design for ReRave Plus this week at IAAPA 2013 in Orlando Florida.  ReRave Plus will be made available as a dedicated arcade machine (upgrade kits will also be made available) and android mobile devices.  Come see us at booth #2003 for additional information.

ReRave 1.4.0 for Apple iOS Released

May 6, 2013 12 Comments

ReRave140 Available Now

Let your fingers do the dancing!
1.4.0 is now available for Apple iOS.
Download it here!

What’s New in ReRave Version 1.4.0 for iOS:

Updated App Icon
Fixed Crashes
Widescreen support for iPhone5
Added arcade style note skin
Extreme improvements to game-play frame rate
Device optimization
Added reminder prompts for “Free Content”
“Song Store” link added to song selection screen
Improved audio synchronization
Updated audio playback system
Upgraded song package format
Fixed typos

ReRave 1.4.0 for Apple iOS Coming Soon!

May 3, 2013 No comments

We’ve submitted ReRave 1.4.0 to Apple and it is currently awaiting their review.  We look forward to continuing to bring you updates to the ReRave engine and thank you for playing!

Some of the new features and release notes for ReRave 1.4.0 for iOS :

Updated App Icon
Bug fixes and fixed crashes experience with later iOS devices
Widescreen support for iPhone5
Added arcade style note skin
Extreme improvements to gameplay frame rate
Device optimization
Added reminder prompts for “Free Content”
“Song Store” link added to song selection screen
Updated audio playback system
Improved audio synchronization
Upgraded song package format
Fixed various typos

ReRave at AMOA 2013

March 20, 2013 No comments

AMOA Expo 2013 logo
We will be displaying ReRave at the 2013 Las Vegas AMOA tradeshow this year with our distributor Coast to Coast Entertainment.  Be sure to come by our booth and say hi!

ReRave in the DisneyQuest Top 10

October 19, 2012 No comments

RERAVE recently ranked at position 2 for”Top 10 Gaming Experiences” at DisneyQuest -  Downtown Disney in Orlando Florida -

ReRave Arcade 1.1.0 Released

August 30, 2012 No comments

ReRave 1.1.0 is a FREE update for your ReRave system.

To receive this update your ReRave machine MUST be connected to our Global Network,
then do the following.

1) Power down your ReRave machine and/or reboot the system. The Machine will download the OS update and update itself automatically.
2) Enter the operator menu and press the “System Update” button. Your system will restart and install the necessary updates.

3) After the process has completed, verify that your system is now running “1.1.0″ by checking the version number in the lower left corner of the operator menu (near the serial number and registration title)

New Features Include:

New attract video & Mode
Graphical enhancements to the UI
Gameplay Graphics: Notes now bob to the BPM to help with timing & increased “Combo” Effect (Dancing UI)
Database Query Optimization for profiles for efficient score retrieval
Engine optimization (Song Select is now very fast, Gameplay performance increased)
Tutorial Localization: If the location is set to “CHINA” or “JAPAN” Tutorial instructions are now in the native language for these regions.

Level 13 Master difficulty tap chart soon!

August 24, 2012 14 Comments

Are you a ReRave Master wanting a challenge?  Well this is for you!
We are preparing the first level 13 on the Master difficulty for release on the Arcade Music Network.  The song is our most challenging tap chart to date!  (We expect it to be available by September 1st 2012)

In addition our team is also preparing our ReRave Arcade 1.1.0 upgrade which will feature a new attract sequence and several visual improvements to the game engine.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated as these developments happen!

UPDATE: (8-31-2012)  We are slightly behind schedule with the song release by a few days.  (because of server maintenance)  We expect the song to be available on Sunday September 2nd.  Sorry for this delay.  

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